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Common Core cannot fix the English Language

As Michael Casserly, the executive director of the Council of the Great City Schools spoke…

“The extraordinary turnover in urban school leaders and staff over the last two years and cuts in funding for public education during and after the recent recession also have taken a toll on the momentum that was building behind standards implementation. In addition, many urban school districts continue to report that their implementation is weakest with their English language learners and students with disabilities.”

Sept, 2015

Common Core may be able to deal with many of the current ailments in getting our children to graduate with honors but it cannot fix the English language and all the problems associated with it.

The WORDSPELLER is one excellent resource tool designed for students K-12 to help ‘Bridge’ that gap between hearing a word and spelling it correctly without stress, doubt and waste of time and energy. Until we overhaul the English language, the least orthographic language in the world (because our letters do not consistently match the sounds they make), we will need as much help to navigate the language as we can get! And for children new to learning English who battle with dyslexia or come from other countries with a more shallow orthography, it can be an insurmountable mountain of frustration and complete depletion of human decency before they hit the 5th grade. I know this from being a mother to a beautiful being with dyslexia.¬†She is brilliant in every respect and prodded her Mom to write this dictionary because she knew she needed it.


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